Our project  will bring you  many beautiful 54 mm and 32 mm figures made with sence of high details and artistic work and our 32mm miniature game „Realms of Kenakarra Rose - The War“ (2016) . Parallel to it we will introduce to you Illada world and we will tell you the story of war that is vexing this world. The Dark War for magic Kenakarra rose.

Are you miniatures collector and miniatures painter?

   Especially for you is designed the 54 mm line that will bring awesome dioramas and vignetts. These dioramas will be a garniture and real treasure of your figures collection. Each diorama produced in our edition will have its own story, its own tale in which will be told a part of history of great war between the Darkness and Red Alliance. Due to these tales will be created a mosaic in which you will know the story of Black Rose Realms.

Are you gamer and miniatures painter?

   So, we are preparing for you great multi-game 'Realms of Kenakarra Rose: The War', comprehensive sets of fantastic, in the highest quality made 32 mm miniatures of Illada fighters and you can use them for our game or for your own wargaming or RPG fantasy games. Our game will be prepared for 2016

And what about both – gamer and also collector?

   Why not to have both of them?

   Diorama in your glass case and game or figures on your game table?

   It is only up to you.

   At this time, welcome! And enjoy this great adventure with us!

      Daniela & Arkhareon Team