Welcome in front of our realm gates

   We would like to invite you to enjoy wonderful adventure in the magic world out of our time and space.
Illada - Dark world – suffering of  war for Kenakarra Rose, powerful magic flower that flowers only ones for 10 000 years and it is given by inconceivable power.

   The Red Alliance, it is some complicated non – homogeneous alliance of free races against the Darkness forces, who are created by Illada fallen races and also by deep shadows of Bharngstarm, the realm  born by dark flow of Ilada magic.

   And we are reporting about this conflict. 54 mm figures mostly arranged into the vignetts and dioramas will mediate to you some important events, battles, sieges and expeditions from this great war and Illada history. And our miniature game and 32 mm figures will introduce to you individual parts and races taking a part in this conflict.

   No matter how hard level you play, you can use  basic and special rules to experience the Realms of Kenakarra Rose: The War at full blast.

   If you desire for scary adventures, fighting against monsters, like horrific stories taking place in terrifying worlds full of horror and madness,  worlds where you face up not only common enemies, but even stand against dread nightmares and dark forces existing outside the known world, then you must accept the invitation to go to the 'Shadows of Bharngstarm'. This expansion set of the 'Realms of Kenakarra Rose: The War' game brings you incredible and amazing  experiences .

   And be sure, that beauty and magnificence of our 32 mm figures will captivate also many miniature - games players. Many of our races are usual in similar fantasy games and those unusual ones can be useful too.

   We are not able to realize such extent project like this only by ourselves. We would like to ask you to help us to finance the miniatures production by means of Crowdfunding.

   We will try to produce the first miniatures (54mm diorama - battle of Rinian) according to our possibilities and in June of 2015 we will start our Crowdfunding campaign. 

   Our 32mm game 'Realm of Kenakarra Rose: The War' we are preparing for 2016.