Basic information about the game

   Realms of Kenakarra Rose: The War game is being developed as a multi game playable in three independent levels.

Image is provisional, final Art may look different

Board Game

This is a game for 1-4 players (singleplayer and multiplayer). Total number of miniatures is limited. Game is played on a gaming board and it is a tactical game with some elements known from classis science fiction and fantasy tabletop and miniatures games.

Skirmish game

This is a classic strategic and tactical skyrmish game designed for 1-2 players(singleplayer and multiplayer). Rules are adapted for a simplified game with limited number of miniatures. This game is fully reflecting wargame-like playing containing RPG elements with limited number of miniatures.

Battle War Game

Battle War Game is a fully strategic and tactical battle wargame with RPG elements designed for two players / two sides of the conflict. Each player commands one side regardless how many races has joined it.

If there are more players, every player is a general for one race. This is the highest level and you can create a very realistic background and relations between the rivals (especially in multiplayer) and creates very unique and real situations on the battlefield. There are common character cards, game cards and tokens for this kind of battle. Beside them there are special accessories available to reach more realistic RPG.

Shadows of Bharngstarm

-   Shadows of Bharngstarm can be played as an independent, full game or as an expansion set for original Realms of Kenakarra Rose:Dark War game

    Shadow of Brangstarm makes from originally wargame with RPG elements fully-fledged cooperative Wargame-RPG hybrid system where both wargame and RPG gaming styles are used and it makes this game something unique.

-   As an expansion set for the  Realms of Kenakarra Rose:Dark War it is automatically divided into three levels described before – Board Game; Skirmish Game and Battle War Game). Thanks to it a huge complex is available. There can  be (but it is not needed!) used all available options of the original game.

-   If Shadows of Bharngstarm is played by more than two players, they can command individual characters of one (the same) nation or may be become a general to command whole army of nation they chose before. There are many possibilities which will be described later.

-   If you want, you can play a single quick game. However, if you want to use full potency of this expansion, we recommend you to accept the Campaign system using all game levels and immerse yourselves into the Shadows of Bharngstarm where you can build new life for yourself and your party in terrible dark realm  full of demons, monsters and other strange beings serving darkness; shadows where you never know what to expect.

-   Your primary task is simple – get back home, back to Illiada. But as you know, it is impossible. Is it?

World of the Dark War and Shadows of Bharngstarm is still changing so don’t forget to get back again and again!


NOTE: Rules for both the main game and the expansion set Shadows of Bharngstram are still under development and finall version can be different. We do all we can to create a world you will like.